Flowers and Bouquet Subscriptions can only be picked-up or locally delivered.


What We Do

Barn Blooms mission is to help you bring nature's beauty inside your home to share with your family and friends. I hope our flowers remind you to slow down and appreciate the little things in life. Our flowers can be found at our roadside stand, pop-up events, and in our weekly subscription. 

The Farmer

My name is Carrie, the farmer behind Barn Blooms Flower Farm. After graduating college in 2016, I moved to the town of Wolcott and started growing my own flowers and vegetables as a hobby. After spending our very snowy and cold winters exploring ways to turn my hobby into a business, Barn Blooms was born in 2019. My first year I grew flowers and experimented with what worked in our growing region. In the spring of 2020 our first bouquet was sold, and here we are today!

The Farm

Barn Blooms is located along the shores of Lake Ontario. This part of New York is known for its apple growing. Syracuse and Rochester are both about one hour away in either direction. 

The majority of the flowers are started from seed and grown in the field. They are hand harvested throughout the season. When supplemental flowers are needed, we chose to support USA grown flowers as much as possible. 

Flowers are not the only thing at the farm. My boyfriend Kyle is part owner of an apple farm and nursery. To the west and east of the flowers we have high density apple plantings. We also have a flock of chickens and two wonderful dogs Macy and Bruno.