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The Flowers at Barn Blooms

Last week I talked about how Barn Blooms came to be, and about the farm itself. This week I want to focus on the stars of the show, the flowers! I grow 100% in the field (other than my tiny greenhouse I use for seed starting). This mainly means that I have no season extension, so the flowers are blooming from Mid-May to Mid-October, depending on when our first frost comes.  Our season starts with my favorite crop of flowers, the spring beauties. Spring flowers are extra special in my opinion, because they are the first signs of life after a long winter. Their color, scent, and beauty are just some of the best you will see all year on...

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The Story of Barn Blooms

Most twenty somethings imagine big cities, exciting nights out, and leveling up in their careers after college. That just wasn't me. After graduating in 2016 and moving to Wolcott, NY I knew my aspirations of having my own vegetable garden would finally be able to come true. I had gardened with my dad growing up, and always remember going to the store and picking seeds out, and the smell of the fertilizer in the garden section. We never really had a thriving garden set-up, but it was always about much more then the plants. My dad and I circa 2014 at a Reining Horse Show So, with those memories in mind, I started on a small plot next to the...

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2021 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas I have always been excited about the idea of supporting small businesses. It just is all around a good thing to purchase and support small businesses. You are helping someone have an income to support their family, your dollar is staying in the community, and you are helping to create jobs in that area. There are so many gift options for Valentine’s Day gifts, but today I wanted to share five ideas that support other artisans and farmers as they look to grow their small businesses. All the businesses/pages are linked if you click the Business name below! Barn Blooms Bouquet Subscription As a seasonal flower farm, I do not have flowers during February. Unfortunately, Valentine’s...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do wedding flowers? The short answer of this is no, I do not do traditional wedding flowers. Wedding design and the preparation for weddings is incredibly detailed work and done by florists that are trained in wedding design. If you need one bridal bouquet for an elopement, or are not picky on colors or flowers, I may be able to help you out. Another option would be to purchase bulk buckets of flowers that are farmer’s choice. This means I will go with the colors and flowers blooming in the field at that time and provide you with the flowers to design yourself. I welcome all requests, and once I know a little more about your vision for...

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