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Skipper's Landing a Sodus Bay Staple

This week I wanted to highlight a Sodus Bay staple. Skipper’s Landing has been owned and run by the Dean family since 1984. For over 30 years the business has been a family affair. You can walk in on any given day and see Eric behind the bar and Lisa escorting guests to their bay view dinner table, among other Dean family members in and out of the kitchen. Skipper’s has a little bit of everything for the perfect day on the water. First off, you can come by water or by land. Across the street from the restaurant is a spacious parking lot on a very low traffic road.  Skipper’s also has its’ own set of docks for boats...

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My Five Favorite Perennials in Zone 6a

 Perennials are a great investment for your garden and landscape because they will continue to come back year after year and produce more blooms. Barn Blooms is located right along Lake Ontario, so we are in warm climate (zone 6a) the farther away from the lake you go the lower the zone. Before purchasing any perennials or plants for your home always check what zone the plant is hardy to. 1. Rudbeckia  Also known as Black Eyed Susan this flower will produce blooms all summer for you. This plant comes in a variety of colors and flower sizes. If you chose to cut the flowers, make sure to cut low in the plant so the return bloom has nice long...

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Famous Food Nanny Bread!

Nothing beats homemade bread. Once you have tried it you will never go back to store made bread. There is just something about taking a piece of warm bread right out of the oven and sitting down to enjoy it with your family. This week I tried a new recipe from Liz at The Food Nanny. She is a hoot to follow on Instagram, and her message is about cooking and baking to bring the family back together. We live in a fast paced society, and her message really resonates with me. So today I thought I would share her famous bread recipe with you. She uses a kamut flour, which is optional. I made the bread with regular bread...

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Brand Feature: Nancy from Good Cheer Farm Bakes

Flowers have a funny way of bringing people together. Earlier this year while checking the flower stand, I noticed a little baggie that someone had left on the stand. When I opened it up there were two molasses cookies packaged in there, with a note from Nancy from Good Cheer Farm, who had her own farm in Marion, NY. I am not a huge molasses cookie fan, but those were by far the best I have ever had! I was hooked to say the least. After a few additional visits to the flower stand, Nancy and I decided that her products and baked goods would be a great addition to the flowers on the stand. Now, each weekend you can...

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