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What do Flower Farmers do in January?

You may be asking yourself "How is there any work for a farmer in January?" This makes sense, considering there is snow outside and the high tomorrow is 34 degrees. But, inside I am working away on some of my favorite work of the season, planning! 

January is all about setting the farm up for success in the upcoming year. Our USDA hardiness zone is 6a. (Click here to find what zone you live in!) I do not have to start most seeds until February, so I take this calm time in January to plan out where different flowers will be planted, how many flowers to plant, and when seeds will be sown. 

Little baby plants under grow lights, soon to be flowers!

I also take inventory of our supplies and see what we may need more of. Once spring planting starts, it is a mad dash to get plants in the ground and growing. If you are short on supplies, it can really set you back which in turn can delay different parts of your season. I also sharpen and clean all my pruners and snips. These maintenance type tasks might seem boring, but they are super important to ensure our season gets off on the right foot. 

Alice overseeing the seed organizing

This time is also spent looking over financials and getting ready for taxes. This is the not so glamorous side of farming! I much rather be looking at pretty seed catalogs or organizing seed packets, but number crunching when it is cold out is better than when it is planting time! 

This cold winter also calls for some baking. I love to bake from scratch sweets and treats. Usually during the growing season, I just do not have the time and energy, so I like to bake all winter to catch up on lost time. During the beginning of the pandemic, I started taking online baking classes with Bread Ahead Bakery. They are based in London and focus on traditional British bakes. This week I am going to be making their "Chocolate & Banana Cookies" They are HUGE and oh so delicious. A tutorial with the recipe is linked here if you want to try them also.

 I am also continuing to update our website and work with some awesome vendors to get some Barn Blooms gear for sale. Hopefully over the next few weeks you will start to see the "Shop" tab on the website updated with new products. Until next time, cheers!