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Wafler Nursery and Farms: A Brief Overview

Wafler Farms is a third-generation apple orchard and fruit tree nursery. Started by Fritz and Lois Wafler in 1960 the farm has grown and expanded through the generations to what it is today.

Fritz immigrated from Switzerland looking for an area to start a farm. After traveling in Canada and the US, he met and married his wife Lois. After visiting the Sodus Bay area they found a farm and began rebuilding it to suit their needs.

After spending his winters reading about fruit tree production at the Cornell University Library, Fritz decided to start budding his own apple trees. Neighboring farms saw the benefits of getting locally grown tree stock, and soon Wafler Nursery was born.

The nursery has come along way since the early days, but the main goal of growing high quality fruit trees so that their customers orchards thrive is still the same. The nursery trees are shipped across the United States, and are sold to residential and commercial customers alike.

Alongside the nursery the apple orchard has grown and expanded as well. When Paul Wafler, Fritz’s son came back to the farm, his sights were set on efficiency and fresh fruit production. Paul has since designed his own trellis system and harvesting machine, among other technological advances, that have revolutionized apple production and harvesting at the farm.

In recent years the third generation has come back to the farm, Kyle and Jacob Wafler. Kyle works alongside Paul in the Orchard and has made it his work to improve the farm’s soil health and crop rotation with the introduction of grain crops. Jacob has taken over the Nursery Manager position and grows, sells, and ships the fruit trees that are grown on the farm.

The end of August signifies the beginning of apple harvest when the first Early Honeycrisp are picked and the harvest train slowly begins to roll again. Yesterday the farm started harvesting Gala apples, and this is a sure sign that the long days, weeks, and months of harvest have arrived. We are all grateful that 2021 was a successful crop year so far, with rain and sun contributing to great fruit size and color.

Wafler Farm’s fruit is sold directly to grocery stores up and down the East Coast, Southeast, and Midwest. Look for YES! Apples on your apple bags, and you know your fruit came from a New York Grower!