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The Flowers at Barn Blooms

Last week I talked about how Barn Blooms came to be, and about the farm itself. This week I want to focus on the stars of the show, the flowers! I grow 100% in the field (other than my tiny greenhouse I use for seed starting). This mainly means that I have no season extension, so the flowers are blooming from Mid-May to Mid-October, depending on when our first frost comes.


 Our season starts with my favorite crop of flowers, the spring beauties. Spring flowers are extra special in my opinion, because they are the first signs of life after a long winter. Their color, scent, and beauty are just some of the best you will see all year on the farm. Specialty Narcissus, Tulips, Ranunculus, anemones, snapdragons and Peonies are the main spring flowers here on the farm. Last year I invested heavily in peonies, and hope to have a bumper crop to share with everyone in 2023. Peonies take time to establish, and don’t come into full production until three years after planting.


Next up are the summer blooms. Once July hits the temperature soars and the heat loving crops shine. Sunflowers, Zinnias, Cosmos, and Celosia are the main crops through the majority of the summer. This year I am also going to do some testing with lily bulbs. Towards the middle of August dahlias will start to bloom. I have not quite mastered the art of growing dahlias, but 2021 might just be my year. Dahlias are tricky to grow, tricky to store, and tricky to keep the pests off of, but if you succeed you will have some of the most beautiful flowers.


As summer fades, my favorite season descends upon us, and with it a whole new crop of blooms. Fall flowers are the farewell to the growing season. They pair beautifully with pumpkins of all shades, and just amplify any fall décor. This year I am going to have flowering kale, multicolored sunflowers, zinnias, dahlias, and a few other special blooms to add in here and there. I have a few trays of eucalyptus that should be ready to harvest at this point as well.


That sums up the growing season at Barn Blooms. The early spring and late fall are dedicated to planting, planting, planting to ensure flowers for the upcoming season. Winter is all about planning and dreaming. Let me know what is your favorite flower is and what you are excited to see on the stand this year!