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Natural Easter Egg Dying

Mary Heffernan, from Five Marys Farm, inspired me to try dying the colored eggs I get from my chickens using all-natural dyes. The eggs are colorful enough already, but Easter is my favorite holiday, so I am going to experiment!


Here is what I am using to dye the eggs:

Coffee Grounds

Onion Skins

Red Cabbage



Beet Juice

Cayenne Pepper

Spinach Activated Charcoal

White Vinegar (to add into the dye water)


To make the dye I blended the dye producing item in my Vitamix and then boiled 2 cups of water for each bowl. I would put the blended mash into the bowl and then add the hot water. I also added 2 tablespoons of white vinegar to each bowl to help with the dying process.

Some dyes worked better than others. My favorite was the blueberries, those eggs dyed a very true-blue color. The turmeric also worked well to get a nice yellow color. The spinach did not dye the egg at all. I do not recommend this one!

I let all the eggs sit overnight, and this was the result! They turned out so unique and I love that it was all done with things I had in the pantry!