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My Five Favorite Perennials in Zone 6a

 Perennials are a great investment for your garden and landscape because they will continue to come back year after year and produce more blooms. Barn Blooms is located right along Lake Ontario, so we are in warm climate (zone 6a) the farther away from the lake you go the lower the zone. Before purchasing any perennials or plants for your home always check what zone the plant is hardy to.

1. Rudbeckia

 Also known as Black Eyed Susan this flower will produce blooms all summer for you. This plant comes in a variety of colors and flower sizes. If you chose to cut the flowers, make sure to cut low in the plant so the return bloom has nice long stems as well.

The yellow and black flower pictured is Rudbeckia

 2. Phlox

 I planted this just this past spring 2021 and it was a total win. The flowers start producing in July and will continue to bloom for you through August. The flowers are like hydrangea in their conical nature. This flower also comes in a variety of colors and flower shapes. This flower also has a sweet fragrance.

3. Peony

 The queen of spring! Peonies are an investment for generations. These beauties bloom early June and will stick around for a few weeks depending on weather conditions. In 2021 the bloom was quick and then gone again because we got 90-degree temperatures the flowers blew open. Peonies come in almost every color and are extremely fragrant. You will never have to worry about replanting these flowers. They will grow and multiple each year.

 4. Forsythia

 Forsythia is the first thing that blooms in the spring in our area. It is a beautiful yellow woody perennial. It is the first sign of spring and can sometimes be seen in the strange New York time where we have flowers blooming and snow still flying.

 5. Lilac

 Lilac is another spring flower that is well-known in our area. This is another woody perennial that has many different varieties within the species. There are mainly two colors available white and different shades of purple. You can get large bushes that get upwards of 20 feet tall, or you can get a dwarf, smaller bush variety. Lilac is known for its strong scent. The foliage is also very beautiful as it is a lighter green color.

Lilac is picked early for vase life and is pictured here