Flowers and Bouquet Subscriptions can only be picked-up or locally delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do wedding flowers?

The short answer of this is no, I do not do traditional wedding flowers. Wedding design and the preparation for weddings is incredibly detailed work and done by florists that are trained in wedding design. If you need one bridal bouquet for an elopement, or are not picky on colors or flowers, I may be able to help you out. Another option would be to purchase bulk buckets of flowers that are farmer’s choice. This means I will go with the colors and flowers blooming in the field at that time and provide you with the flowers to design yourself. I welcome all requests, and once I know a little more about your vision for your wedding, I can see if it is something that I will be able to help you out with. Please e-mail me at for more information.

 When are you open?

Usually, the first week we have flowers ready is the week of Mother’s Day. This year, Mother’s Day flowers will be pre-order only. After that first week I will post on social media what availability will be. Starting at the beginning of July, flowers will be on the roadside stand weekly and special orders can also be done. I have flowers on the stand Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8am-5pm or Sold Out. It is best to come early in the day to get flowers, as we often sell out by the afternoon.

 How does the subscription program work?

In 2021 I am going to have a bouquet subscription program. There are two options to chose from. I have a full-season program that runs weekly from the first week of July to the last week of August. Or, a half-season option that runs from the first week of August to the last week of August. Flowers will be designed in quart size mason jars and can be picked up at the farm, or delivered within 15 miles of Wolcott, NY. Prices can be seen on the website under the “shop” tab.

Each week the flowers used will be what is blooming in the field, so generally it will be something new to see every flower delivery.  You will get the best of what is available and will always get flowers before the roadside stand. Your flower will always be reserved for you, and you do not have to worry if the stand will be “sold-out.”

 How do your gift cards work?

This year I am going to offer “Bloom Bucks” These are gift cards in $10 increments to be used at the roadside stand, similar to paying with cash. The bloom bucks can be combined and bought in increments up to $100. These cannot be redeemed online. Once purchased, the bloom bucks certificate(s) will be mailed to the delivery address entered at check out. I am hoping to have these on the website by next week!

 Do you do event flowers?

If you are looking to get flowers for an event such as centerpieces, please contact me directly to talk about what you are looking for. You can e-mail at

 Do you grow the flowers yourself?

Each year I start thousands of flowers from seed, bulb, tuber, corm or from plugs. These flowers are then planted out in the field to be grown and harvested by hand. These are the flowers that you see on the stand and in our flower arrangements. I try to use these flowers 99% of the time. If supplemental flowers are needed, I will try to source from other local flower farms and as a last resort, flower wholesalers.

 How does the roadside stand work?

Our roadside stand is self-serve and opened Friday, Saturday, and Sunday starting in Mid-May and running to our first frost usually in October. If flowers are not available on certain weeks, it will be posted on our social media pages. You can pay with cash, Venmo, PayPal or check. I have flowers on the stand by 8 am and they are available until 5 pm or sold out.

Do you have any questions for me? Leave a comment and I will get back to you!