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Flower Care Tips

Flower Care Tips

Fresh Cut Flowers can last a long time in a vase if you follow some simple guidelines to keep the blooms fresh and hydrated.


After getting flowers from the Barn Blooms Farmstand the first step is getting the flowers home in good condition.

  1. Get the flowers into cool water as soon as you possibly can.
  2. Do not leave the flowers in direct sunlight or in a hot car.

Once you get the flowers home the fun begins!

  1. Pick out your vase/jar/vessel to put your flowers in. Depending on the height of your vase you will want to trim the flowers down shorter, or just nip the ends. Trimming the ends of your flowers promotes hydration. Note: Do not re-cut daffodils (early spring flowers) the secrete a sap-like substance that dirties the water. When you receive your daffodils they will be healed over and will not be putting sap into the water, unless they are re-cut!
  2. Get the flowers into cool water in your desired vase and start designing!

The next step is to find a spot in your home where the new arrangement can be displayed.

  1. Do not put the flowers in direct sunlight. A lot of people think flowers need the sun to thrive but cut-flowers will mature rapidly in the sun, and will not last as long for you if you do this.
  2. Do not put the flowers next to fruit or vegetables. The ethylene gas given off by ripening fruit and vegetables will also cause your flowers to mature faster.

 Aftercare Tips:

  1. Make sure to change the water every other day. A good rule of thumb is if you would not drink the water, your flowers will not either. Fresh clean water goes a long way in keeping your flowers alive longer!
  2. As flowers start to die, pull those out of the arrangement and leave the fresher flowers to continue.

Please take photos of your flowers in your home and tag Barn Blooms! I would love to see where you put your flowers to bring you joy. You can also check out the hashtag #barnblooms to see ideas of what other people have designed with their flowers.