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Creating a Vision for 2022

As the month of January and our Western New York winter progress, I am still in the process of planning, goal setting, and looking towards the farm’s growing season. One exercise I love to do is create a vision board. I was first introduced to this type of creative goal setting in 2019 when I took the Floret Flower Workshop. Erin Benzakein, the owner of Floret, uses vision boards to kick off her season and find out what her desires are in the upcoming months.

Vision boards are simple and fun to do. You just need a few supplies:

  • Poster Board
  • Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Magazines, old books (Things you can cut from)

I use standard size poster board from the Dollar Store. You may need more than one glue stick, so be prepared with a few. Erin suggests collecting magazines throughout the year to use. I usually start collecting in the summertime and just put them in a closet until I am ready to cut from them.

Now here is the fun part! Start going through your magazines/books. Any words, pictures, colors, sayings that speak to you cut them out. Right now, do not overthink it just anything that intrigues you cut it out. I like to sort the cut-outs as I go. Small, Medium, Large, and words/phrases.

Next, I start with my large pictures and lay them out on my poster board. These are the “background” photos. Do not glue them down just yet, in case you must adjust their position. Once you like the layout, glue those down. Move on to your medium, and then your small photos gluing as you go. The last part will be to put your inspiring words around different sections of the board. Anything that you feel no longer makes the cut, recycle. Usually, I have more cut-outs than I have room.

An optional step is to decoupage over top the board to really seal everything in place. I never have liquid glue on hand, so I usually leave my board without a topcoat. You can also take it to an office store and get them laminated. This works well if you plan to keep your boards from year to year to see how your vision has changed.

The last task is to hang your board somewhere where you will see it every day. I usually hang mine in my workout room. It inspires me while I am walking or doing yoga and is somewhere out of the main part of the house.

This exercise is exciting task for me and gets me energized for the year to come. It also provides a lot of color in an otherwise grey landscape that is Western New York in January. If you decide to make a vision board, please tag @BarnBlooms in your post. I would love to see what is inspiring you for 2022!