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Brand Feature: Nancy from Good Cheer Farm Bakes

Flowers have a funny way of bringing people together. Earlier this year while checking the flower stand, I noticed a little baggie that someone had left on the stand. When I opened it up there were two molasses cookies packaged in there, with a note from Nancy from Good Cheer Farm, who had her own farm in Marion, NY. I am not a huge molasses cookie fan, but those were by far the best I have ever had! I was hooked to say the least.


After a few additional visits to the flower stand, Nancy and I decided that her products and baked goods would be a great addition to the flowers on the stand. Now, each weekend you can find Nancy’s homemade baked goods, jams, jellies, and fruit butters alongside fresh cut-flowers on the flower stand.

I thought this week I would highlight Nancy and her farm, so everyone knows a little bit more about the face behind the brand, Good Cheer Farm Bakes!


How did you and your husband end up at the farm?

 In the 1990’s, I co-owned a country shop in Fairport, NY and made many of the country gift items sold in the shop. I decided to wholesale my products to shops and catalogs throughout the country and we needed a larger space to work from. I had friends in Marion, and we found this 200-year-old “farmette” with 6 acres of land, part of an original 150 acre apple farm. It included the outbuildings we needed to work in. We continued this business into the early 2000’s.  


What about country living intrigued you, opposed to city life?

 My husband Tim and I lived our entire lives in the City of Rochester as well as the suburbs. I’m not sure we knew what we were getting into when we moved out here, but we have loved it ever since. We were ready for an adventure! Over the years we’ve had goats, chickens, a miniature horse, and a pig! Cats and dogs too!

Hopkins the Goat!

 What/who introduced you into baking?

I had baked off and on over the years. My sister introduced me to Martha Stewart’s style when she was just becoming popular, and I enjoyed the entertaining and hospitality that was her specialty. I started baking more seriously a few years ago when I felt like I needed to do something creative again. I have a regular 8-5 job and creativity had not been in the picture for a quite a while.

 What about baking/canning makes you happy?

 I love creating things that make people happy and the fact that it’s tasty is a bonus...especially for my husband! Trying new flavors and ingredients keeps it new and exciting. It may not always work out, but the possibilities are endless! 

 What is your favorite flavor of cookie?

 Anything chocolate but my chocolate espresso chip is my fave!

 What is your favorite flavor of jam?

 I recently made cherry jelly for the first time which I love and after that it’s strawberry…on a fresh buttermilk biscuit of course!

 Anything about you/the farm/Good Cheer Farm Bakes you would like readers to know?

 I love to encourage people to follow their heart and dreams. I’ve had several opportunities to step out in faith and have wonderful moments, memories, and friendships…including Carrie at Barn Blooms! 

 Nancy also offers custom baked goods and cookies trays available by special order. You can contact her directly via e-mail: