Flowers and Bouquet Subscriptions can only be picked-up or locally delivered.

2021 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

I have always been excited about the idea of supporting small businesses. It just is all around a good thing to purchase and support small businesses. You are helping someone have an income to support their family, your dollar is staying in the community, and you are helping to create jobs in that area.

There are so many gift options for Valentine’s Day gifts, but today I wanted to share five ideas that support other artisans and farmers as they look to grow their small businesses.

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Barn Blooms Bouquet Subscription

As a seasonal flower farm, I do not have flowers during February. Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day is the biggest “flower” holiday and I miss out on those sales during the wintertime. But there is another way you can support my small business, give the gift of fresh flowers, and have something to give your love one for Valentine’s Day. 

 This year I launched a bouquet subscription program. So here are the details:

  • There are two options. I have an 8-week program that runs from the beginning of July to the end of August. I also have a 4-week program that runs for the month of August.
  • Flowers are delivered weekly to your doorstep (within 15 miles of Wolcott), or can be picked up at the farm.
  • You never have to worry about the flower stand being sold out, these flowers are reserved for you.
  • Our bouquet subscription members get the best of what is blooming. If there is a short supply of a certain flower our members get the flowers before the flower stand!
  • Flowers are delivered in a quart size mason jar.

By purchasing a subscription now, you are helping to buy flower seeds, bulbs, and supplies for the 2021 season and I really appreciate that!

Photo Credit: Alexandra Elise Photography

AH Handmade Bath & Body

I went to college for Agriculture Business at Morrisville State College. There I met so many farmers from all over the country. Angie Huber recently started an artisanal soap and bubble bar business using natural ingredients, like her family’s organic dairy milk! She is based out of Canton, NY and ships her products right to your door using eco-friendly packaging.

I recently bought some of her soap bars to try and was shocked how moisturizing they are. She has an array of different scent options, and even has selections like “Love Spell” specifically for your Valentine’s Day needs. I promise once you try this soap, you will never go back to your store-bought brand.

Milk House Roastery

Another farmer-friend from college has a family farm that specializes in Red Angus genetics. This past year, they expanded into coffee bean roasting and have the cutest coffee shop in their farm’s old milkhouse. Lynda and Michael Foster, alongside their other family members, head up the coffee bean roasting and serve up fresh coffee Friday-Sunday in Marcellus, NY. Milk House Roastery also ships coffee around the country. My favorite roast is the Peru!

Grace Rose Farm

Many of the roses you see for sale on Valentine’s Day are imported from other countries. But there is another option to keep your dollar in the USA and support small business. Grace Rose Farm is an amazing business in Santa Ynez, California. Gracie and Ryan have a rose farm with the most beautiful and unique rose varieties. You can order their roses on their website for delivery during their season which starts in March, or you can purchase products made with their roses (candles, rose water, perfume). If you like pictures of the most romantic and whimsical roses, you need to start following Grace Rose Farm.

Five Mary’s Farm

If you follow me on social media, you know I am an avid follower of Five Mary’s Farm. Mary, her husband, and four girls have an amazing operation out in Northern California. They ship their pasture raised beef, pork, and lamb all over the country. I have tasted it myself and can say it is well worth it. Their beef is incredibly special. It is dry aged and just so delicious. The Heffernan's also do M5 Ranch School, M5 Entrepreneurs, have a restaurant, and Mary and her Sister just started a podcast called Boots & Bangles.